E-Bikes (electric bikes) by Swiss Flyer

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Many parts of Europe are hilly. A bicycle tour in this area could be challenging. We don't ever want to see our guests sweating and grimacing with pain!

Therefore on many of our tours you may rent an electric bike called FLYER.

We guarantee a smile on your face when pedaling uphill, the freedom of cycling even against the wind, and of course, the best quality E-Bicycles.

Here's how the "Swiss Flyer" works:

As you pedal along, the sensor measures your strength, regulating the amount of assistance you receive from the motor and enhancing your natural pedalling motion. The movelo even notices if you are riding in the mountains, giving you the extra boost you need.

And you don't require any kind of driving license to ride the "Swiss Flyer".


               E-Cycling Tour in Switzerland